The Ultimate Holidays Activities and Gifts Guide 2021

Can you believe it? It's just less than 15 days and Christmas is here! You probably love this time of year especially when you can shop from your cozy couch sitting by the fire watching Christmas movies. It doesn't get better than that!

But it is also that time when family and friends gather together doing all those virtual stuff i.e. e-Reunions, e-Meets, Virtual Party and more. It’s also the best time to do shopping and gift-giving!

In this week's blog, we are to share with you our Top 5 most voted fun virtual activities you can create and build at home with families and friends.

Virtual Family Reunions and Virtual Company Parties

Whether it's Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, family gatherings has started taking place online where virtual hugs and kisses flows. Make the e-gathering more fun by playing Remote Reunion Bingo  while everyone is proud showcasing their custom family reunion shirts. Trending now are family faces printed apparel and accessories. These matching outfits create a sense of belongingness and togetherness even when your clan is not physically together.

Make New Traditions

How about sharing with people who has been during this pandemic times' serves as living superheroes like our dear front liners who are the health workers (check out the Premium AOS Facemasks) in your community or the delivery guys. 


Join Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

It's not too late to do something that can change the world even on your simplest ways. Wondering where to start volunteering? Check out VolunteerMatch's thousands of non-profit organization looking for and ready to provide volunteering opportunities in-person or virtually. 


Build Snack Station

Another way of sharing your blessings is by building your own Snack Station right in front of your homes. Put together snack bars, fruits, freeze-dried veggies, whole grain crackers and more. Don't forget to make your snack station kids-friendly. Don't forget to implement health precautions as well. Wear your masks but wear them in style. While you are at it, why not share them too to your snack station visitors. 


Virtual Reality (VR) Games

Lastly, virtual reality games. The millennials would love to enjoy such activities right at the comforts of their homes while having fun with their friends as they compete or play with groups. Lenovo released a list of the various kinds of VR Games and accessories one can use to play them. 


There you have it! Hope you get some cool ideas to get you started with your holidays. Share these ideas of most wow-worthy gift ideas and fun, amazing activities young and old alike would enjoy. 

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