The 5 Ultimate Summer Beach Vacation Packing List: Swimsuits & Accessories

Ahhh…summertime. The sound of the waves, the salty air, the sand between your toes, and the sun for hours. It's a wonderful season to relax on the beach, play some volleyball, get that tan going, or just bask in the sun with a few good books in tow. Of course there's no place better to do all that than at your favorite beach destination. However, packing for beach vacations can be a challenge—especially if you're going with friends or family and won't just have yourself to think about.

Of course, there is the actual packing itself that everyone procrastinates on. Who doesn't love to go shopping? So we have created five ultimate lists, one corresponding to each week of your beach vacation. You can still go back to work after getting your business done at home and need not worry about taking days off as you are going throughout the week. Just try this easy list and defy all your worries away!


Swimsuit and beachwear

If there's one thing we know about packing for a beach vacation, it's that swimsuits are the most important thing on your list. If you forget yours, there's really no point in going on vacation! Your swimsuit should be comfortable; it doesn't have to be fancy or even fashionable (you can even do DIY or customize your own designs!) Just make sure it fits well and is made from quality material that can stand up against chlorine and saltwater.

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Beach Cover-up

A cover-up is another must-have item for packing for a beach vacation.This can be anything from a light sweater to an oversized scarf—whatever works best for you! 

You don't want people seeing what kind of underwear (or lack thereof) you wear

Beach Coverup as Summer Essentials

underneath your swimsuit! We like ones with long sleeves that are lightweight enough so they don't weigh us down when we're swimming or playing volleyball on the beach sand.

And if you're going on vacation with kids who don't want sunscreen all over their arms and legs (like most of us), then this might be something worth investing in before leaving home so that everyone feels comfortable at all times during their stay away from home. 


Waterproof Sunscreen Wipes

These are very useful when you are out on the water or in water sports like surfing or swimming.  Even if you have dark skin and tend not to burn easily, sunscreen still helps prevent wrinkles and skin cancer down the road (not to mention how expensive it would be if you got burned). 

Waterproof Sunscreen Wipes to Protect Your Skin during Summer Vacations

They will help keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays without leaving any greasy residue behind that could ruin your clothes or hair style while also providing some moisturizing benefits. Don't forget this essential item!


Sandals & Flip Flops

Sandals are definitely one of those must-have items. From flip flops to slides or even wedges, sandals are perfect for any occasion whether it be during your leisure time or even when hitting up some sandy spots around town! If you're planning on being active while at the beach (or want to look like it), then you'll definitely want some sandals or flip flops. If you've got an extra pair of sneakers and some flip flops in your bag already, then great! If not, then get out and grab some! You don't want to end up on day three of your trip with blisters from trying to walk around in sneakers all day long.


Hats & Sunglasses

Yes—you need hats and sunglasses! No matter what time of year it is, hats and sunglasses are always necessary when going out in the sun or on the water. Even if it's cloudy out, there's always a chance you'll get hit by an errant ray of sun, they will help protect your face from harmful UV rays while also keeping you cool in the hot summer sun. Plus you'll need them if you plan on reading a book by the pool or lounging in front of an umbrella during lunchtime!


Hopefully, this has been a helpful guide on packing for your beach vacation. Be sure to keep these lists on hand just in case you need to check a few items off! You could always go crazy picking out all of the little things on this list. But if you want to be a daredevil and shove it in your bag, or stuff it in a pocket, go for it! We want you to have a great summer no matter if you are staying in the U.S. or going abroad to Mexico, Europe, Australia, or anywhere else in the world!



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