Have you done your Halloween Bucket List Yet?

It's been another year full of challenges and surprises that we've been through. Challenges that made us wiser and surprises that overwhelmed us both in life and the business. Keeping those aside, you've also been blessed with countless opportunities to thrive, grow and ultimately still have fun. Here we are In the beginning of the Halloween month of 2021, but we still have a nice Halloween Bucket List we know you’d definitely add to yours too!

So let’s begin the countdown to the 31st October with the ideas below.

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1. DIY or Custom Halloween Costumes

Halloween is no Halloween without those spooky costumes! So this year have you decided yet if you are to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) style or be simply practical with a custom-made one? Either way, you better enjoy every minute of it as it’s no fun if you don’t! Remember that this season should also be all fun and crazy. Here’s some cool custom-made choices from our favorite collection.

Customize a product for halloween and get a matching facemask at 50% off USE CODE: ALLOWEEN50

Customize a product for Halloween and get a matching facemask at 50% off USE CODE: ALLOWEEN50

2. Binge watch horror movies

Best part is when you get to slumber on your couch as you munch on your mother’s or your wife’s baked Halloween treats! Here’s some of those treats how I wish my wife would prepare this time around. 😁

Customize a product for halloween and get a matching facemask at 50% off USE CODE: ALLOWEEN50

3. Pump the vibe with Halloween decors

Guess what the kids are so looking forward to when the time comes to decorate our backyard and of course inside of the house with those ghostly eerie Halloween decorations.  Sometimes, when we are really up for it, we make our own version of those popular or should I say traditional gimcracks.


4. Go to a haunted maze or house

Yes, it’s more fun when you hear people scream especially if you are one of them too! 😂

How I would love to be with the fambam at this awesome halloween spot for another ear-wrenching shriek! Loving this list of Hollywood Gothique Haunted Houses and Rides. Check them out here.

Photo: Hollywood Gothique

Photo: Hollywood Gothique

5. Groove your way to a Zombie (Tiktok) Dance

I’d probably end my day (or should I say days) with a Tiktok dance - Zombie Style! LOL!

Hey, I know I’m probably too old for these but they say if you cannot beat them then better join them.

Now, it's your turn to share your 2021 Halloween Bucket List with us! Simply comment below and we'd love to know how you'd like this season be BOO-tastic!

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