Fashion Fall or Fall's Fashion?

Fall is the season between summer and winter. Obviously, as the seasons change, several things change, too. For example, the days are getting shorter, the nights are darker, longer, and colder. Therefore, more coffee is consumed while watching the falling crunchy leaves of autumn. One of the most obvious things to see for people when the seasons change is the wardrobe. So what's the best way to be on the fashion radar for the season? Change your outfit to fit the season. Since fall is the season after the heat of summer, when people usually wear comfortable and heat-resistant clothes, and winter is the time to wear the most heat-generating outfits, let me give you some ideas on how to amp up your fashion transition from summer to winter. 


Plan your outfit. This means deciding whether you wear casual clothes every day or have that more dressed-up corporate formal look for the day. This may not just be about the clothes you wear, but also the shoes and accessories that go with them.   


A casual outfit is characterized by its relaxed, occasional, spontaneous nature, and is suited for everyday use.


Examples of these outfits are:

Long-sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, or mock-neck shirts,  hoodie or crewnecks, paired with jeans, joggers, or skirts. Jeans can be skinny, high-waisted or wide-legged. Streetwear sweats are paired with joggers, often with a fanny pack or small backpack for essentials. Trainers are the usual footwear for casual outfits, while combat boots can also be worn with jeans, trousers, skirts, or dresses, especially when the weather is getting colder.


A dressed-up look is wearing smart-looking clothes, usually with layers to make them look more special than usual.


Some of these outfits include: 

Blouses or fitted button-down shirts for professional settings are sometimes layered with T-shirts or long sleeves for a fun and fashionable look. Most often than not coats are included in the overall look.  


Choose the right colors, patterns, and designs. To keep up with the weather, the outfit's color must also go with the season. Most of the colors are dark, neutral, earth tones, and warm. Vivid and pale colors such as white and pastels are not so popular during this season.  Most people prefer to use plaid or houndstooth designs in specific fabrics such as denim, leather, cashmere, cotton, corduroy, and chambray. 


Outer wear is an essential during autumn. The reason behind it is to keep the wearer warm when the weather becomes colder. The most common outerwear items are overcoats, trench coats, cardigans, and leather jackets. These are great for jeans with a T-shirt, mini dresses or rompers. 


As for footwear, the most common are trainers, knee-high, and thigh-high boots with knee-high socks or leg warmers. 


Whatever the outfit is in every season, the important thing is to celebrate it with passion and with fashion and be happy that everyone has the chance to experience it. So, enjoy!


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