6 Cheugy Millennial Trends That Are Here to Stay

Global Rise of Tiktok

In the past couple of years that we have stayed indoors due to the pandemic, Tiktok has taken over the world. Videos from the platform are reuploaded on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube although more commonly as compilations but… we just couldn't get enough of them!

Not only are the videos quick sources of entertainment that could keep you scrolling for hours, they can be anything you want – funny, dramatic, adventurous, scary, or romantic. The algorithm is smart enough to know what you want! Not only that, you can make videos on your own that can be easily shown to other Tiktok users for which every engagement you get can be addicting. 

The New “Basic” 

Chewgy? Choogy? Chewgee? Oh, it's "Cheugy" and it's one of the interesting phenomenon to have come out of Tiktok. It is a slang which according to Urban Dictionary means something out of style or trends that are outdated. Meanwhile, Vice defines it as the “basic millennial girlboss energy". The New York Times says cheugy can refer to clothes, accessories, or even people. 

The way Gen Z uses this term seems to target the certain demographic of white, middle-class, millennial which then seems to fuel the Gen Z vs millennials of "war" on which generation has the worst stereotype. Even so, despite the seemingly negative connotations to this word, people have embraced the cheugy life and now, the once cheugy styles are coming back into trend! 

6 Cheugy Millenial Trends That Are Here to Stay

1. Low Rise Jeans

Bella Hadid in New York Gotham// Getty Images

Bella Hadid in New York

Gotham// Getty Images

Lizzo in a restaurant in West Hollywood


The low rise jeans have been a favorite of the early 2000s. It was an extreme and daring trend along with skimpy tops but they came with unrealistic beauty expectations that women are required to have flat stomachs. In its reemergence that follows the Y2K fashion trend of bringing back late '90s and early 2000s fashion, we are seeing more empowerment among curvy women who are reclaiming this style in mainstream media. All women should be able to take part in trends. We love to see this representation! 

Style tip: Size up on your jeans so the fat doesn't bulge out of your waist and tuck in a cool statement shirt like this patterned or tie-dyed tank top.


Diamonds Racerback-Tank

Bryce Racerback-Tank

2. Denim Jacket

Zendaya in the Manhattan Snow

The beloved denim jacket from the '90s is making a comeback and we're here for it! Well they never really disappeared but Tiktok users have been saying they're cheugy. Zendaya might disagree with her favorite Levi's sherpa denim jacket. But this fashion piece comes with its evolution of the oversized or cropped denim jacket. There's a denim jacket for everyone.

Style tip: For oversized ones, you can roll its cuffs and pair it with slim-fit pants! Wear a graphic shirt like this one for a 90s vibe.

NASA T Shirt Design by All Over Stuff

Nasa T-shirt

3. Ugg Minis

Dua Lipa in a Private Jet
Dua Lipa in a Private Jet

2012 called. They want their UGGs back. But we're not ready to give it back to them! UGGs are actually back in style with a twist. They come in UGG Mini Boots that are more appropriate for the Y2K trend with a high fashion look. It's much more sleek and discreet with the classics cozy feel. Hollywood stars are starting to sport them and you should, too!

Style tip: Get your full on comfy ‘fit with an oversized hooded blanket.

Dua Lipa Hooded Blanket Custom Design by All Over Stuff

Dua Lipa Hooded Blanket

4. Capri Pants

Gigi Hadid at the Beginning of New York Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid at the Beginning of New York Fashion Week

We've got another throwback from the 1990s and early 2000s – Capri pants! There's a childlike nostalgia to these pants that stop mid-calf and never reach the ankle. The revival of the Capri pants have a more figure-hugging silhouette that reminds us of leggings.


Style tip: Get comfortable form-fitting capris that hit at least your mid-calf instead of those that hit just right below the knee. If you're not feeling these capris, shop our legging collection for more flattering pieces. 

Tartare Leggings

TARTARE Leggings

5. Beaded Necklaces

Harry Styles in His Music Video, Golden

Harry Styles in His Music Video, Golden

Handmade beaded necklaces were the childhood joys we made for ourselves or our friends. It was the statement piece to school or to the mall when life was relatively simpler. The bright colors bring a young, fresh, and optimistic energy to your outfit so we can thank the Y2K trend for bringing this back in trend. It's time to take out your hidden beaded necklaces and friendship bracelets for the world to see! 

Style tip: When you make your DIY accessories, stack beads randomly for a more playful look to it. You may want to balance it with another colorful accessory, like a graphic face mask.

Space Talks Premium Face Mask - Custom Face Masks from All Over Stuff

Space Talks Premium Face Mask


6. Crocs

Lebron James Seen Before a Game Against the Houston Rockets

Lebron James Seen Before a Game Against the Houston Rockets

Remember Crocs? You either loved or hated them. It isn't surprising because Crocs was positioned to be an anti-fashion statement at one point up until they infiltrated mainstream media and fashion week runways. With the ability to be embellished not just with colorful Jibbitz Charms but also with glam gem ornaments, Crocs are officially back in style! 

Style tip: Wear your Crocs with the Sandwich Method of matching the color of your footwear to the color of your top and head accessory.

ESCAPE Unisex Pullover Hoodie

ESCAPE Unisex Pullover Hoodie

Classic Out Of This World II Clog

Classic Out Of This World II Clog


Wear the Clothes - Don’t Let ‘Em Wear You

It's always fun watching and wearing fashion trends until they come and go. Don't let Gen Z (or any other generational cohort for the matter) bully you into not wearing what you want to try out! You also really don't have to wear what these Hollywood Celebrities are wearing. Let them serve as inspirations so you can navigate your way around the style you like. Our bodies are different so look through how people of the same body type dress. Even regular people from your work or class can inspire your style. Maybe spend a day window shopping just to explore your options better. As long as your clothes give you comfort to move around and confidence to keep going, these trends are no more than just fashion rules you don’t have to follow. 

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